Juliana LaulettaHi there! I’m Juliana Lauletta.

Welcome to my little corner of the web.

I’m a Multimedia Artist since 2003, which means I use my skills, creativity and working knowledge of Video, Photography and Design to develop multiple projects from start to finish.

In other words, I’ve spent the last 15 years around my computer + camera creating stuff and it doesn’t feel like work at all. Lucky me!

I’m originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil but I’m currently living as a digital nomad between Brazil and Europe. It’s a small world after all…

Since 2017, I’ve been showing my conceptual photography in art exhibitions. My artist bio and exhibition list is down below.

Also, I’ve been running creativity/photography events and workshops with my Meetup group called Become An Artist – London. Come and join us if you can. It’s always good fun.

Artist Bio

Conceptual photographer Juliana Lauletta is more interested in composing her images rather than capturing subjects as they are. Her methods characteristically involve crafting the props from scratch, arranging the elements in a meticulous designed composition and adding an element of surprise (movement, water, ink, fire, etc). With saturated colours, high contrasts and strong textures, Lauletta’s inventiveness pictures often blur the line between photography and imagination.

Juliana is Brazilian and has a background in filmmaking. Works as a self-shooting director, photographer, designer and voice over artist with clients that range from small companies to multinational corporations. In 2015, she moved to London to pursue her art career. Since then she created a Meetup group to empower emerging artists that has more than 5000 members and hosted more than 100 art / creativity events and workshops. Her images have been featured on TimeOut London, Londonist and BBC and she participated in exhibitions in London, Edinburgh and Prague.



Lumen, Espacio Gallery, London - UK

Threads, The Dundas Street Gallery, Edinburgh - UK

Illusions, The Menier Galley, London - UK

The Open Art, Cass Art Islington, London - UK


Heart for Heart's Sake, Artery Gallery, Prague - CZ

For some fun facts about me, please click here.

During childhood my professional aspirations were to become a Cardiac Surgeon, Actress/Singer and a Mathematician. Yeah, all together at the same time. Fortunately at some point I realized that it would be impossible to simultaneously operate, entertain and calculate. So I went out into the world and start studying something completely different.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, a Diploma in Photography and several Certificates (Visual Arts, Animation, Screenwriting, Post-Production, Business and others). My multitasking ability came in handy when instead of choosing one thing I decided to do them all and become a Multimedia Artist. And I love what I do!

In fact, I’m a very passionate person!!! Intense blood runs through my veins. I’m Brazilian by birth and Italian by family background (and appetite). I don’t think you can get more passionate than this. And one of my biggest passions in life is expression! This is the driving force that each day moves me forward and gives me the opportunity to learn and discover amazing and inspiring things. I often try to express myself artistically in my personal projects.

When I’m not feeding my craving for creative things, I'm traveling around the world. I visited some amazing places and lived in Brisbane, Australia for 3 years, where I studied Visual Arts and Business.

JazzSome of my quirks and twists:
- I’m crazy about my little shaggy dog Jazz. →
- I’m a huge fan of medieval fantasy books.
- I’m a voice over artist since childhood.
- I play acoustic guitar (not as often as I play Guitar Hero).
- And I have to eat chocolate everyday, but I’m not addicted yet... yeah, I’m sure.
Thanks for stopping by!
Juliana Lauletta